Honoring our Scottish Lineage


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Many bagpipers can trace their ancestry back to one of the Scottish Clans; if you are one of these lucky few then you are probably aware of the rich history and tradition that these clans represent. The Scottish Clans were originally extended networks of families who had loyalties to a particular chief. Not every member of a Scottish clan is a direct descendent of the clan’s chief. Clan members would take on their chief’s surname as a sign of solidarity with the clan.

Clan names are usually associated with an area of Scotland where the clan lived. The clans lived off the land. Cattle and border disputes were among the most common causes of inter-clan unrest. The more powerful of the chiefs would sometimes expand territory which would lead to new members within a clan who formerly belonged to another clan or belonged to no clan at all. This interwoven clan history makes it difficult, but not impossible, to trace one’s clan lineage.

It is widely believed that each Scottish clan has its own tartan, but if you ask Highland historian and author Jean Munro, that is simply not true. According to Munro, “There may have been a district tartan for a particular area, made by people who would know how to weave. They probably did wear some sort of striped cloth, but it wouldn’t have belonged to a particular clan…The idea of a single tartan probably came from the time after Culloden in 1745, when only the army were allowed to wear it and the idea of a particular tartan for a particular regiment came about.” Today, those people who want to honor their Scottish heritage aren’t so worried about wearing the particular tartan of their particular clan; your Scottish pride will come across loud and clear with any Highland wear and you can find plenty of options for sale on our site.

The history of clans is complex and there is still much we don’t know. Historians believe that the first clans probably emerged in the 11th century but there isn’t much clarity as to the clan structure and lineage until the 13th and 14th centuries, so tracing your clan ancestry will probably only take you back to the 13th century.

As a company that sells bagpipe starter kits, pipe band uniforms, chanter reeds and many other bagpipe accessories, it’s always nice to remind our clients of the rich history associated with the magical instrument that we love so much. And don’t forget, we don’t just sell bagpipe supplies; you can also hire a bagpiper for your next event.


Now for a Little Something Different: Galician Bagpipes


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If you’re here checking out our blog then you probably already know that Lone Star Piper has been serving the Pipe Band community since 2007. I’m sure you are already aware that we are a full service Pipe, Drum and Highland Wear supplier who takes pride in offering you a positive, custom shopping experience. Whether you’re a returning customer or you’re getting ready to make your first bagpipe order with us, we want to make sure you are aware of all the wonderful products available to you on our site.

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Now for some fun bagpiper trivia…

Have you heard of Cristina Pato? Well if you’re a piper enthusiast on any level you should type her name into Google and enjoy some sweet tunes. Pato is a Galician Bagpiper, known as a Gaita, who was hailed by the New York Times as “a virtuosic burst of energy.” She was the first female Gaita player to release a solo album in 1999. In a male-dominated industry, Pato’s unique sound is an intoxicating departure from the norm.

Pato combines her love of the Galician Bagpipes with a beautiful blend of jazz and Latin sounds that makes for a captivating sound that even the most casual bagpipe fan will appreciate on many different levels. In her touring life, Pato is passionately committed to education and cultural exchange. So if you want to be blown away by a truly unique talent, do yourself a favor and look up Cristina Pato today.

The Right Pipes For You



Lone Star Piper has been serving the Pipe Band Community since 2007. We have experience in performing bagpipes for celebrations or special events and offer a wide selection of bagpipes and everything you may need.

We carry Highland Bagpipes by Gibson, Henderson, McCallum, Naill, RG Hardie, Shepherd and Wallace.  We also carry a great selection of small pipes. McCallum bagpipes are a great investment. This bagpipe has a sound quality you can only get with a McCallum bagpipe. We know that a bagpipe is a big purchase and we want you to be sure about your purchase. You can customize your set of pipes as well. McCallum Bagpipes are precision manufacturers at their factory. McCallum Poly Bagpipes are a less expensive alternative to the full McCallum bagpipes. Check out our website for further information and prices on all of our McCallum Bagpipes.

Lone Star Piper also offers Naill Bagpipes. David Naill Bagpipes are made in England and have a long-standing eruption for excellence. They have over 30 years of experience of delivering exceptional quality bagpipes. All of these bagpipes are fully combed and beaded with African Blackwood and come with a pipe chanter. We have a wide variety of Naill Bagpipes to choose from. The DN0 bagpipe features Blackwood button mounts, beaded nickel ferrules and ring caps and poly chanter. The DN1P features Polypenco, imitation ivory projecting mounts, beaded nickel ferrules and ring caps, and Naill Poly chanter. The DN1 has imitation ivory projecting mounts, beaded nickel ferrules, ring caps, and a poly chanter. The DN1AB features Blackwood projecting mounts, beaded nickel ferrules and ring caps as well as a poly chanter. The DN2 has imitation ivory projecting mounts, beaded nickel ferrules a ring caps as well as nickel slide and poly chanter. The DN2AB offers Blackwood projecting mounts, beaded, nickel ferrules, slides and ring caps alongside a poly chanter. The DN3 has imitation ivory projecting mounts, ferrules, and ring caps as well as poly canter. The DN4 has imitation ivory projecting mounts, ring caps, hallmarked plain silver ferrules and slides as well as a poly chanter. Lastly the DN5 has imitation ivory projecting mounts engraved hallmarked silver ferrules, slides, ring caps, and a Blackwood chanter with engraved silver bands. These are all of the Naill Bagpipes Lone Star Piper offers and for further prices and information we have it located on our website under bagpipes.

Lone Star Piper also offers Wallace Bagpipes. Wallace Bagpipes keep with the modern demands of pipers and bands to perform at the highest level. These products adapt to change while maintaining traditionalism which is what most bagpipers love. However, while maintaining this traditionalism they have increased efficiency and sound. All of these Wallace bagpipes are made in Scotland.

Lone Star piper has even more bagpipes to choose from. All of our bagpipes are intended to fit exactly what you want. If you are not sure which would fit your playing skills or what you would want, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Hire a Bagpiper For Your Next Event!

Having a bagpiper at your next event will be definite crowd pleaser1 Our professional bagpiper Damion has performed at all types of events and is very experienced!

Damion began studying music theory and playing a variety of musical intruments at a young age! He is enthusiastic and an amazing performer! Damion is available for several different types of events. Whether you are planning a wedding or a memorial service, Damion will provide a very professional experience. As a professional firefighter for 18 years, Damion serves as the Pipe Major for the Lewisville Fire Department Pipes and Drums and is also a bagpipe instructor.

Other ideas for events to hire a bagpiper for are: private function, funerals, golf tournaments, retirement parties, parades, memorials, department ceremonies. All though bagpipers are mostly requested for events like weddings and funerals, start of golf tournaments which would include playing at 18th hole as last group putts in, playing at clubhouse as golfers arrive and warm up at the driving range, sporting events, graduation ceremonies, campt retreats, business grand openings, holiday parties, birthday parties, conventions/business gatherings and much more!

Damion has played for countless amounts of events and never disappoints! Below is a customer review of an event Damion performed at:

“Dear Damion,

Thank you so much for playing the bagpipes at Lee and Samantha’s wedding. You did a great job, and it made the ceremony that much more special, especially knowing you are a fellow firefighter.

Thanks again, and God bless you! Sincerely Donna and Randy”

Call Damion at 214-448-8439 to schedule a free consultation and we can discuss the best way for the pipes to compliment your event.

Deal Of The Week!

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Welcome to Lone-star piper

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